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Whore Foods! —

Be home soon. Do you want anything from whore foods? If you’re at whore foods I’ll take something tall and blonde. But if you’re at whole foods I’ll take some peanut butter.

Dodged the Dad! Lol! —

Hey babe… You were amazing last night. you have a very talented pair of lips. this is abby’s dad. AMAZING AT KAREOKE! WOW SHE SURE CAN SING! You GOT A TALTENTED GIRL MR. GILLIAN I know, shes just an amazing singer I think she’s got real potential. I think it’s great you agree!

Have You Seen My Shotgun? —

How could you? I trusted you and you cheated on me!! Oh sorry dad, that was meant for Jim Oh. On a completely unrelated topic, have you seen my shotgun anywhere?

Cheaters Never Prosper —

Hey it’s over WTF? Why? After all I did for you, this is how you do me you ungrateful jackass! It’s okk thats why I slept with 3 of your best friends, you prick ass!! … i was talking bout the movie oh… how was it? Fuck you bitch