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PROOF that guys are better than girls!

PROOF that guys are better than girls!

PROOF that guys are better than girls!

Guys are way better than girls.

How is that?

We were created first 😛

Well it always takes a rough draft to make the final copy.

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  1. Harmony Lastheels says:


  2. Marcus Green says:

    but all final copies still need to be revised lol.

  3. Not for me, I get it done right on the first draft.
    Countless A's on school papers I half-assed in pencil, proof-read on the way through.
    But I'm not in school, not anymore, and I stopped writing, for the most part.

  4. Adrianna Walls says:


  5. Tyler McKinley says:

    God made the plants and life of earth (i guess) that was his rough copy….. Man was perfection…. women as it says….. will nourish the man and bring him joy.

    • So we are supposed to eat women? I could be a cannibal.

    • So your basiclly saying that men are better because you guys just eat, sleep , and screw anything that moves…yeah um news flash women cook, clean, hold down jobs to support families oh and lets not forget give birth to you ingrates along with put up with your crap for 18 years or in your case 36 because with that attitude no woman in her right mind would ever want you so there for your comment is invalid so go sit in the corner and read about the joys of child birth you MESAGONIST jerk

    • Gaelan Kirby says:

      You're missing the fucking point Chasity… Fucking dumbass -___- It's not hard to understand. I'm not even a one who takes to God as most do… Yet, I understand it perfectly clear. Traditionally, it was the women who tended to the needs of the house, and the men who worked, hunted for food, and protected the family. Get off your fucking high horse. If you actually EDUCATED yourself, you'd know that there was NEVER any basis of inequality when it came to that. We all know that women are perfectly fucking capable of fighting just as well as men… BUT IF EVERY FUCKING WOMAN FOUGHT AND DIED, WHERE THE FUCK WOULD WE ALL END UP?! We would no longer exist…. DUMB FUCK! it's common sense. So, get your thumb out of your ass, and learn something legitimate for a change.

  6. Jay Pierro says:

    Eh, the sequel is never as good as the original..

  7. Ally Davis says:

    In that bible mumbo bullfuck didn't god make both Adam and Eve at the same time?

    • Luke Matters says:


    • Dan Davis says:

      Man came first, woman was created from Adams rib

    • Nope. He made Adam and then he figured he needed a partner so he took a rib from him and created Eve. At least that's what I remember.

    • no, god made, man, but man was depressed. so god gave him rufees, cut out his rib and made a woman out of it to give adam blowjobs and sandwiches. yay stupid books.

    • im not religous but no he made adam and took a rib out of him to make eve. so in my view girls are better cause they have that extra thing he took from men. so girls have something guys dont? idk

    • Kelley Kitty Petersen says:

      No you're thinking of Lilith honey, she was made at the same time, most people don't know her because she was taken out of the bible a couple hundred years ago. You remember how demons were made? Kain and Lilith's children. 🙂 She is not right nor is she wrong boys

    • religion was only made to civilize society, its bollocks

    • Warren Peterson says:

      actully both are true, this is because there are actully 2 genisis stories in the bible, the directly conflict with eachother, in the first one eve is made from adams rib in the second they are crwated together, however as the bible is all bullshit it doesnt really matter

    • God made man he took a rib to make woman and he took a rib cause that way man and woman r equal.. Nobody is better then anybody.. We were all created equal.. Well atleast thats how god wanted it..

  8. Matt Barkley says:

    God is perfect. To imply he needs a rough copy is blasphemy! Repent you sinners! lol

  9. Miriam Perduv says:


  10. quagmire just shared on Facebook that's why I'm here haha.

  11. According to evolution, females were around first. They mated asexually just like some reptiles do now. But hundreds of millions of years ago a mutation in one of the X chromosomes created a Y chromosome. Hence the degradation of Y chromosome and eventual extinction of the male as a whole. Unless we can figure out a way to stop it. Soooo yah.

  12. oh what now guys lol.

  13. Blake Harland Guth says:

    Well fighting is pointless, God makes everything perfect the first time every time, No I'm not being Sexist; what I meant it that God makes everything perfect and there is no first draft stuff. Also If you are atheist or a different religion don't have a temper tantrum at me about my religion.