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LOOK what his girlfriend does when she catches him cheating!

LOOK what his girlfriend does when she catches him cheating!

LOOK what his girlfriend does when she catches him cheating!

What’s 1+1?

2 WTF you asked me that for?

Because I know you’re cheating on me, you obviously don’t know how to count. Anyways, I’m done

Aww damn, damn damn

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  1. Shanon Benjamin says:


  2. Abigail Esther Peralta says:

    lmao! lml!

  3. Jared Babel says:


  4. Nauti Lyly says:

    very stupid

  5. Jerry Ackley says:

    I don't get it..can u explaine it.

  6. Jennifer Salinas says:

    As in only 2 people belong in a relationship. -.-

  7. Jennifer Salinas says:

    As in only 2 people belong in a relationship. -.-

  8. Brian Rathgaber says:

    There are only two people to a relationship. He cheated which made it three.

  9. 1 + 1 = 2. Not 3. The couple is the 2, add another and its not a correct equation. The one being cheated with is the 3rd.

  10. Shane Bradshaw says:

    You don't count 1 + 1, you add it. She obviously doesn't know math, period. Kill yourself.

    • Brittney De Lashmit says:

      How about instead of pulling some fucked up bullying technique to make your sad life seem better, take your own advise instead dipshit.

    • Shane Bradshaw says:

      Ok 1. You don't know shit about my life so you can shut the fuck up about that 2. Don't be a hypocrite by telling me to kill myself for telling someone else to kill themselves, when they obviously will never read this in the first place. Common sense you dumb bitch.

    • Brittney De Lashmit says:

      Im not being a bitch so dont call me one. You run around telling people to kill themselves, whether they read it or not, that is completely wrong. Oh, and I didnt tell you to kill yourself. I said you should take your own advice if your going to be so immature to say that to somebody. Your mother should whoop your ass and teach you a lesson.

  11. John Brooks says:

    You're retarded if you don't follow this.
    Boyfriend = 1 Girlfriend = 1; 1+1 = 2.
    He's cheating.
    Other girl = 1.
    1 + 1 + 1 = 3.
    HUR DUR.

  12. Kelly Creed says:

    apparently jennifer n I are the only smart ones who looked at this…coulda went a different route in confronting him but do u girl.

  13. Livvy Bridge says:

    Hahaha the fuck?
    Lol idiot.

  14. Livvy Bridge says:

    Hahaha the fuck?
    Lol idiot.

  15. Since when does fucking math have to do with a goddamned relationship?
    The bitch deserves to lose a man cause she's not in the kitchen.

  16. Shelby Sweetin says:

    Stupid !!

  17. Shelby Sweetin says:

    Only 2 people belong in a relationship so he said 2 . So how's that mean he'd cheating ,! ? It's stupid as yal just as dumb trying to explain it

  18. I don't meant to be rude, but if you had to question the meaning if her math for even a trillionth of a second, you don't deserve to find your soul mate, and you're a dick.

  19. Ha looks like he really gives a damned

  20. All he has to say is damn?

  21. Zachary Klassen says:

    All of you people are retarded. This is so simple.

  22. Chris Baumann says:

    she needs to cut the shit with the math riddles and make some din-din.

  23. Anthony Lewis Pikkaraine says:

    lame sauce

  24. Kilo Villa says:

    I don't get it?

  25. Justin Charles Green says:

    its dumb because if she accusing him of cheating she should have said 1+1+1 not 1+1 which would equal him plus her duh.

  26. Shelby Sweetin says:

    She already caught him cheating she's saying what 1 plus 1 to prove a point only 2 people belong in a relationship ! So him cheating shows that he evadently don't kno how to count

  27. Alberto 'Berto' Guillen says:

    jennifer make the man his well deserved sammich!

  28. So thats why girls hate guys because of people like cidney and jack girls should be treated with respect not just to use to make your damn dinner have some respect guys

  29. pretty grim for the girl

  30. Finger Kopite Tongue-wizard says:

    A relationship has and always will mean monogamy to me.
    Why be in a relationship if your not happy ? Arggggg male chauvinist pig no wonder females can't trust genuine men

  31. Is this one of those blonde jokes cause I don't get it?

  32. Jessica Villarreal says:

    1 person +1 person = 3 people….its called reproduction. and you can end up with more than 3 that would be twins or triplets etc. Your answer is invalid.