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Biggest Happy Birthday Fail! Lol!

Biggest Happybday Fail EVER! LOL

Biggest Happybday Fail EVER! LOL

aw thank you sweetie

remember that pink mercedes

omg yes omg omg omg

i got you a toothbrush, same color

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  1. Austin Ward says:


  2. Clint Bucki says:

    Hahaha. That's awesome


  4. Lorena Muro says:

    Sucks couldn't u do beater but funner

  5. Keith Jude LeBlanc says:


  6. Keith Jude LeBlanc says:


  7. Habib Jallow says:

    Lmao damn she a hoe for dat

  8. Ha lmfao!!! Now that's funny!!!

  9. Xavier Staggs says:

    Someone's got jokes haha

  10. Add agot played haha comment…

  11. Lmmfao hella wild!!! A toothbrush tho really??? Lol

  12. Joey Graf says:

    Oh Burn!

  13. Eland Sabine says:


  14. Ebro Jaber says:

    meow said the cow right now.

  15. OMG, I would be so livid for that one. That's not even nice. Very funny rest assured, but so not nice. That's something I could see my husband doing to me. LOL. Just because he can!!!

  16. lllllol!!!! Wowed!!!! Lllol I bet he never gotten laid again lllol!!!

  17. Filip Rosengren says:

    Haha xD

  18. Gerri Newman says:

    When is his funeral?

  19. lml that's mested up!

  20. Alex Thurman says:


  21. Justin Cummings says:

    Who the hell would want a pink Benz?

  22. Luis Amor says:

    OMG Thts hilarious

  23. Matt Bidwell says:

    Somebody get this guy a medal.

  24. Ana Fondren says:


  25. Hahaha nice. Don't scream to early.

    • Isabel Savonije says:

      hola Maurits ¿Qué tal!

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  26. Hannah Cochrane says:

    That's what I would probly do lol