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How Hungry Will You Be After This?

How Hungry Will You Be After This?

How Hungry Will You Be After This?

maybe you should czech the frige…

im russian to the kitechen!

is there any turkey!?!?

we have some, but it’s covered with a layer of greece.

ew, there is norway you can eat that.

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  1. Lol I'm think of hetalia now

  2. Angella Johnson says:

    Hahaha those are pun geniuses right there!

  3. Bryn Worden says:

    that's funny

  4. Tyler Rees says:

    If you find any Madagascar, save some for me…am I doing it right?

  5. When I heard Russian, I immediately thought "kolkolkolkolkolkol" I also remembered that I need to catch up on my hetalia

  6. Laura Poisel says:

    I'll have swiss on Rhy'ne.

  7. Jamaican me a sammich? Lol couldnt think of just a country..

  8. id do ANYTHING for some mashed potatoes, what can I say idaho.

  9. it was clever……but……

  10. Kacper Ku┼║ma says:

    I'm not a Niger. Am I doing it right?

  11. Magnus Renberg says:

    I'm norwegian :DD.

  12. Magnus Renberg says:

    I'm from norway :DD.