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Moms these days… SMH

Moms these days... SMH

Moms these days… SMH


Yes mother

Can you come cut the light off in my room

Mom, why can’t you, you’re in your room!

I laid in bed and got comfortable before I realized it was on. Now I don’t feel like getitng up. Oh and bring me a cold cup of water.


Thanks hunny

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  1. Jasmine Cree says:

    jeeze just like my mom Cindy Cree.

  2. Monica Ramirez so reminds me of you.

  3. Christina Hu says:

    I think maggie would do this to my nephew..

  4. Jenae Gomez says:

    my mom does tat.

  5. Hannah Faulkner says:

    Well that's what we do appearently!

  6. id be like fack off then probably be alright then lol.

  7. Conor Anscomb says:


  8. Joshua Fritz says:

    My mom does the same thing… lol.

  9. If this was my mom, I'd tell her no get off your lazy ass and do it yourself.
    Then I would ignore her texts.

  10. sounds like my mom or sister.

  11. Becci 'Bex' Williams says:

    She owes it to her, the woman gave her life.

  12. Rashers Giwa says:

    after she asked to turn the light off I would say o crap my battery is out and pretend to sleep incase she calls my name.

  13. Jeffrey Phillip Marcoux says:

    Yeah she gave you life. But when is taking it to far. No turn ur own light off.

  14. Tina Mccormack says:

    No child should take care of there parent…. On the other hand she/he could be returning a favor!!.. As for Becci a child does not ask to be born its a choice that two mature people make …. And i owe my son everything he was a choice i made