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Girls Only Care About Money

Girls Only Care About Money

Girls Only Care About Money

hey did you get that picture I just sent you

yeah not my type

ok geez okay well if you ever change your mind I’m rich

Waittt, I’m Jenna 23 how old are you? Dinner tonight?

I’m Rich, 24, and sure =)

Oh, I thought you were saying you were rich, nevermind

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  1. Brahana Gordon says:

    not true

  2. Timothy James Cutler says:


  3. Alexis Moore says:

    Damn!;O she did that

  4. Alexis Moore says:

    Damn!;O she did that

  5. Rachael Haney says:

    Proof that ONE girl only cares about money, and the conversation is more than likely made up -.-

    • Sjรธlvaste Kenneth says:

      Pictures of a "iphone message" are fake for

    • Sjรธlvaste Kenneth says:

      Pictures of a "iphone message" are fake for

    • Rachael Haney says:

      Seriously, it's common sense. If she didn't know anything about him to where she didn't even know his name, or age, or anything, how the hell does he even have her number? People make these conversations to get them attention online. And yes, I already know I'm giving it by commenting.

    • Rachael Haney says:

      Kevin, come back when you actually have something more than "stfu" Not all girls are like this. Some, absolutely. But the fake conversations from jaded people trying to stereotype genders is way old.

    • Shawn Hanna says:

      Rachael Haney I text random numbers all the time.

    • Rachael Haney says:

      Fair enough, but I doubt that at least the vast majority don't at least reply with "Do I know you?" Or "How did you get this number?" Or something stating that they aren't familiar with you. They don't just act like it's an every day conversation. "Who's this" is pretty much an automatic go-to when someone you don't know contacts you.

    • Harley Smith says:

      I don't care what u think, but if you don't know some one, don't say crap like that about tem

    • It's the internet. Nobody cares

    • John Wills says:

      if this was a real girl she is a bitch .. get over yourself Haley. That being said this is fake as shit like most chicks.

    • And about 80-90% of these "conversations" are fake too. I believe most of the auto-correct fails are true though, because that happens to most of my friends almost daily…

    • Chelley Mae says:

      Her name is harley. But just so you know this is the internet and know matter what you say or do people will talk shit. Its what we has humans do ๐Ÿ˜› and John not most. Apparently just the ones you hang around ๐Ÿ™‚

    • John Wills says:

      You got me I read it wrong. maybe I need to hang with chicks like you ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

    • Chelley Mae says:

      lmfao its ok I just know it drives me NUTS when people pronounce my name wrong so i figured she was the same way ๐Ÿ˜› and i am probably no where near ya ๐Ÿ˜› hahah

    • John Wills says:

      and youre married…

    • Chelley Mae says:

      that doesnt mean i cant have friends….all but two of my friends are guys lmao

    • John Wills says:

      Im sure your husband loves that. I always hated hanging with chicks like that. Guys dont have girl friends we have girls we havent fucked yet.

    • Chelley Mae says:

      My guy friends are all like my brothers. Protective older brothers lmao. others are my best friends and others i just talk to. I dont have any interest in them and they dont have any interest in me. They never tried anything when i was single and most have known me my whole life lol. and he doesnt mind he knows i dont get along with girls. And most of his friends are girls lmao.

    • John Wills says:

      very untypical if that was true. If you get divorced drop an open line to any of those guy friends for some sex and youll see what I mean.

    • Chelley Mae says:

      Well any man would take free sex lmao. And my guy friends respect the fact that i am taken. When i was single they never tried because most are either my best friends or like my older brothers. The ones that i have met recently know im taken and they dont try anything. Guys flirt with me all the time its human nature. I flirt. My husband flirts but there is a big difference between flirting and takin things too far. I have a flirty personality and so does my husband. But our friends are our friends and nothing more ๐Ÿ™‚ we've been together for years and no cheating lol. It depends on your respect level.

  6. Melissa Jusinskas says:


  7. Melissa Jusinskas says:


  8. Girls re fucking stupid cnt dey do without money for once in their life

  9. Larissa Adams says:

    Ghee that's just mean for using a guy for money not ku :/

  10. Angjelo Kuka says:

    why did he say his name again?

  11. -facepalm- no other actions fit..

  12. Stefani May says:

    Ya know, chicks are going to keep calling ALL dudes cheating assholes as long as dudes are calling ALL chicks gold digging bitches.

  13. not all girls care about money just because her doesn't mean we all do.

  14. Tyray FearNone Ratliff says:

    Nah not all girls only care about money though thts just one.

  15. Larry T-Man Chatman says:

    PLAYED HAHAHAHAHA if a girl would've did dis to me I dnt know wat ill do!!!!

    • Justin Cummings says:

      Probably, you would just go home and cry silently into your Japanese made "pillow girlfriend". That's my guess, anyway.

  16. Steve Jones says:

    Typical girl they all want 1 thing ,can't get it them selves

  17. I've actually NEVER met a girl who WASN'T all about money. Not a single one. Ever. In 32 years. Every girl that I have ever met, talked to, or related to in any conceivable way, has been like that one.

    If you have no money = Girls not even wanting to piss on you if you were on fire.

  18. Then you girls cant say all guys are cheaters then.

  19. Bob Tawfik says:


  20. Eddie Lopez says:

    Haha topical female

  21. Josh Corro says:

    Since all Girl's are Moaning, This Picture Was Made For a Laugh So There'a No Need To Moan, So Don't Take It Serious, Cause Not All Of Use Are "Gold Digger's".

  22. Mitsuko Michelle says:

    oh good god.

  23. Mariah Kennedy says:

    What a dumd cow ๐Ÿ™‚ (im nice).

  24. Dakota Young B says:

    Yup that's girlz.

  25. Hhahhaahahahahahhaah

  26. Colleen Dell says:

    That's some funny shit… And I'm a woman!! Don't take it so hard ladies!

  27. OJ Roots says:

    looool she's gold digger way over time.

  28. Most girls are worried about money or looks.personality ain't shit anymore

  29. don't people realized this was meant to be a joke? why so serious?

  30. Erik Gomez says:


  31. Kyle Miller says:

    Chelley Mae Not every man would take free sex; a lot of men have SOME impulse control.