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Never Do This To Your Girlfriend!

Never Do This To Your Girlfriend

Never Do This To Your Girlfriend

Happy 6th month anniversary 🙂

Thanks but havent we only been going out for 2 months?

Oh sorry, wrong person.

That’s okay sweetie.


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  1. Brahana Gordon says:


  2. Derek Pad says:

    If she replies like that the first time she ain't really paying attention now is she!

  3. Kayli Babalon says:

    I'd be done with his ass.

  4. Nathan Smith says:

    lol cheater alert!

  5. Abbygail Smith says:


  6. Sarah Bloom says:

    What if he was saying it to another person who is dating someone else, just to be nice?

  7. Will Hodgson says:


  8. Darren Ho says:

    He could be congratulating some other couple's 6th month anniversary…

  9. Charlie Ward says:


  10. Keith Murphy says:

    Oh shizz. Next time on Maury. Another cheating couple.

  11. Matt Bidwell says:

    Who actually congratulates others for their relationship….via text…..

    … one damnit.

  12. Denzel Degallerie says:

    so obeus

  13. Denzel Degallerie says:

    add me

  14. James Bird says:

    Gutted! :L

  15. John Brooks says:


  16. Mariah Kennedy says:

    Oh damn 😛

  17. oh wow not cool so not cool.

  18. Brian Kinell says:

    that is unfortunate